Inhale, Exhale — We've Got Your Business Covered



You’ll gain access to all the tools and resources that constitute a successful wellness leader including:

  • How to create a professional brand and presence for yourself in the industry via social media

  • How to build a brand for your self, including creating a website and quality content to connect with your audience

  • How to create multiple sources of income while working as a wellness professional

  • How to save time and money on your taxes, track your income, and organize your finances

  • How to approach and work with online contributors and brands, building international recognition and credibility

  • How to know and get what you’re worth, keeping clients coming back


You’ve finished your yoga teacher training, or personal training certification, and you’ve been out in the real wellness world making waves in the health and fitness community. Just like you would tell your clients or students, the right instruction and time on the mat is KEY to improving your practice. Same goes for you, wellness entrepreneur! Learning the tools and business smarts to amplify your career in the wellness field can propel you ahead to gain more clients, clarify your teaching goals, create greater, more professional presence in person, social media and online, earn you more money to prevent teacher burnout and free up more of your time to do the things you enjoy.   This Wellness Leader Grad School will empower you with the knowledge to do all that and more. Think of this training like a post-grad MBA, or business school, for the wellness entrepreneur. If you’re a yoga teacher, reiki healer, massage therapist, personal trainer, health coach, or other wellness professional, this course is for YOU!